What is Foreign Exchange (FOREX)?

The term Forex is comprised of two different words, being that of Foreign Exchange, and it refers to the international exchange market in which there is the purchase and selling of currencies….  > more 


The Forex market is one that is unique and is so for a number of reasons. It is actually one of the few markets that with very limited qualifications that is one that is free of external controls and cannot be manipulated. Also it’s the largest in terms of a liquid financial market. Trades will reach somewhere between 1-3 trillion USD per day. … > more 

Advice for a Forex Beginner


For the thousands that want to enter into the Forex should be so wise to educate themselves before they even start. Before getting into Forex trading it’s essential to know the basics and how to get into a profit. Even with having all of the knowledge possible it is still no guarantee though. You’ll need to have a lot more knowledge than just the very basics to have a good chance of being successful trading Forex.

There are a lot of different ways to learn Forex trading. You can:

  • Join an online service

  • Enroll in a Forex trading school

  • Find a Forex mentor

  • More

The only thing that you want to avoid is doing it on your own. If you do it alone there are a lot of risks especially when it comes to a beginner.


Mentor or Trading Team

In order to get the experience it’s a good idea for a beginner and novice to look towards getting some training from a mentor or even joining into a Forex trading team. You’re going to reap the benefits from the more experienced instructors that are already processing real time Forex trades. Make sure that you’re comparing notes, trends, buy/sell decision making, charts and much more.


By checking yourself against others that have more experience than you you’ll be able to gain a familiarization with the real market trading process and be able to check where you’re at. You’ll have the chance to see actual processes and decision making that you can employ in your own trades later on.


Regardless of the path that you take you will get your own strategy and method towards trading that’s going to be the very best for you and will be suited to your level of trading experience, risk level, trading goals and temperament.

Helpful Guidelines

There are some simple and helpful things that you can implement to be able to achieve success in the Forex market.

You need to make sure that you know how to properly chart and map. Most all Forex brokers are going to supply you with a platform for charting but in order to be able to successfully interpret them you need to know how the charts work.

Make sure that you discipline yourself. Those that have the success for the long-term are going to be the ones that are disciplined and will strictly follow the methods that they developed even when a losing period happens.


Always gain more knowledge and educate yourself continuously. To be a successful trader you need to make sure that you’re constantly and continuously looking for additional information and education. Never let yourself become complacent.

Finally, trade in a team. This is going to help you to make your decisions easier and could easily be the number one reason for you to achieve success. If you’re trading in a team that is a highly specialized one that knows what they are doing you’ll be able to measure yourself and the trading decisions that you make against them and use each other to keep yourselves accountable for every trade that is made.

Focus, Focus and Focus

An essential key is to make sure that you focus on what you’re doing and don’t jump around. Jumping around is one of the biggest if not the biggest single mistake that traders will make. They’ll be jumping from one opportunity than to the next opportunity and from one trading system to the next never sticking with a single one and learning the way to trade that system effectively.


There are literally thousands of ways to trade the market with an unlimited possible number of combinations of signals, charts and the trading methodologies. Don’t be a person that tries to go out there and trade every one of these. Instead be a person that sticks with a single one and works it inside and out until you know it completely.

Once you have this knowledge you’ll begin to learn the conditions that are right for your system and be able to trade within your chosen system not just with the confidence you need but for a profit.


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